This Is Why Your Life Sucks & What To Do About It

Change is messy. It has to be. Chaos gives birth to order.

So just allow space for both to exist and learn how to know the difference between the two and when they are in service to your path or not.

And don’t believe that the “good” path is only the one that tells you the “good” things, you know, the things you want to hear? Good coaches push you hard, good friends tell you the truth and the good path is sometimes painful. It’s painful because it means you have to be willing to see your own undistorted reflection and do something about the parts in need of repair.

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“Trauma”-The New Buzzword

2020 became the first year of my life that I experienced trauma with the rest of the world. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve quite an impressive list of traumatic events that I’ve gone through alone. But this was my first sense of shared trauma on a global scale. Yes, trauma is a heavy word. Yes,Continue reading ““Trauma”-The New Buzzword”

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Many Pathways to Healing

What does that even mean? And what does it look like?  What impedes this path? And what helps it? After years of observation, experience and endless heaps of research, I’ve been led to some pretty simple, yet profound conclusions.  The Kids My children have endured unimaginable amounts of pain, trauma and storms in their livesContinue reading “Many Pathways to Healing”

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Welcome to The Soul Shook Podcast!

SOUL SHOOK I have an announcement to make. Today I launched my podcast Soul Shook it’s currently on Spotify and Anchor. Feel free to check out my first episode here on Rock bottom Revelations. Hope you and enjoy and feel free to share!…/epi…/Rock-Bottom-Revelations-e1aea5d… In today’s first episode I discuss the reason behind going throughContinue reading “Welcome to The Soul Shook Podcast!”

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