The Keys To Change, Growth and Healing

The keys to change, growth and healing…

1. You have to be more tired of your own shit than you are with anyone else’s.

2. Get curious about your drives, your motives, your wounds….

3. Stay focused. It’s not about the outside world, those are all projections. It’s about you.

4. Get to know yourself and understand your different “parts” and the root of those parts.

5. Hold yourself accountable but with compassion and forgiveness, like a loving parent would. 

6. Recognize that this healing isn’t optional, it’s critical if you want to improve and grow so make it a priority. It’s as important as sleep, showering, brushing your teeth or eating. And now stay committed and make it a way of life. 

7. Give yourself time and allow for baby steps. Small steps will ensure your success rather than trying to do it all at once, light speed.

8. Do not compare yourself to others but to who you were yesterday, last month, last year, 5 years ago.

9. And above all, know that we are not eliminating trials here. Obstacles will undoubtedly come up. The goal is to become more resilient over time, not to eliminate that challenges that ultimately refine us. Welcome the refiners fire, welcome the stormy ocean. A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.

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