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Your Coach Kimmy

About four years ago I started on a journey I dubbed “The Awesome Train” 🚂😄🙈 (yeah, I have no shame in the cheese department). What I was looking to do seemed so daunting that I’m not even sure anyone could take me seriously. I needed to overcome alcoholism, smoking, obesity and manic depression...


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Life Coaching

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  • Trauma
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  • Habit Reformation

My Philosophies

-IFS (Internal Family Systems) otherwise known as parts healing. From a spiritual perspectives this can be likened to inner child healing and somewhat related to soul retrieval.

-Somatic Experiencing, put simply is the ability to release stored trauma from the body through a series of exercises.

Both of these practices have evolved out of Polyvagal Theory-the theory that our vagus nerve, the control switch for fight, flight and freeze, is also the control switch for trauma responses which are trickle down effects of a dis-regulated nervous system. It’s a highly complicated theory. One that I have and continue to study passionately. The beauty of polyvagal theory is the practical regulation methods that have come about as a product of tireless research.

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Check Out My Youtube Channel

Check Out My Youtube Channel

Warriors of The Wilderness Support Group

A trauma-informed support group where we explore the hero's journey, trauma, shadow work, and the undexplored wilderness of our souls.

Kimmy walking in water